St Francis de Sales 1567-1622

by Jeanne McGirr
(Punta Gorda FL USA)

St Francis de Sales was a Doctor of the Catholic Church and is responsible for the foundation of the Salesian Spirituality. One of his famous pieces of literature of the church is "Introduction to the Devout Life" written primarily for lay people.
One of his famous statements is:
"We must do everything for love for it is not by the greatness of our deeds that we please God--but by the love with which we perform them".
Another one of advisement to the lay people:
"Let us be what we are and let us be it well in order to do honor to the Master Workman whose piece of work we are."
There are many books about him and they all state what a gentle and kind teacher he was.

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Beautiful words and advice!
by: Julia

Thank you, Jeanne, for these very comforting and reassuring
quotations by St. Francis de Sales. What beautiful words and advice he spoke--first be yourself and then do God's work in the spirit of love. We all have the potential to live our lives in this way and reap the rewards of service to our Lord. God bless.

A Favorite!
by: Judy

"Introduction to the Devout Life" is one of my all time favorite books! I have re-read my own copy so often that it is falling apart!

St. Francis also said, "Do not try to be anything other than what you are and try to be that perfectly". These words have been a great inspiration to me in my homeschooling journey.

Thanks for sharing this space for us to learn more about the Saints!

Great Quotes!
by: Colleen


I have just recently begun to learn more about St. Francis de Sales and about his spirituality.

Then just recently a blogging friend of mine chose him to be my patron saint for 2011! And now you write this article about him. Guess I need to pay attention!

I love the quotes you included. Thank you very much for submitting your favorite saint to us and helping to teach others about him.

God bless

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