Novenas to Enrich
Your Prayer Life

Want to learn about novenas and how to pray them?

The word comes from the Latin word "novem," which means nine. These prayers are usually said nine times in a row for nine days in a row. They can also be said nine weeks in a row or nine months in a row (like First Fridays).

These prayers are often said to ask for special graces or to make special petitions. They may be prayed for a specific intention or to a particular saint. Some are also prayed to different aspects of Jesus (Sacred Heart) and Mary (Our Lady of Fatima or Miraculous Medal).

They are considered to be public or private devotions. No one is required to pray this way. Some people will feel called and some will not.

These devotions are not a magic formula. Don't worry if you say it "incorrectly" or if you skip a day. That will not affect how God answers your requests. God hears you and knows your heart.

So you might want to visit the links below to learn some of these prayers we are talking about!

I just added this prayer - Novena to the Holy Spirit. One of the beautiful things about this prayer is that it teaches us while we pray it. Each day there are different subjects to contemplate as you pray. I found this prayer very moving.

Click on the link below. Read more about it and start praying it 9 days before Pentecost.

God bless!

A List of Novenas

Novena to the Holy Spirit

Novenas to St. Therese

Sacred Heart of Jesus

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