Find Daily Inspiration Here!

We often need some daily inspiration to help us in our search for God and to help satisfy our hunger for a closer, more intimate relationship with our Lord.

Some suggestions are:

*Reading devotionals or scripture meditations can be so helpful in our prayer life.

*Reading about Saints can inspire

*Daily reflections during Lent and Advent are very helpful to our spiritual life

*Blogs and journals are also popular resources

It is so important to spend some regular time in prayer with the Lord. Try to set the same time everyday. It is like having an appointment with God!

We hope that you find some inspiration here to help you on your spiritual journey! Be sure to check back often for updates!

Here is a testimony about the online retreat!

I am so very grateful for the time, care, and love you put into these reflections. I plan to go over them again and again. I feel that each time you ponder your meditations and reflections that God will enlighten you more and more to what he has in store. The main thing that I brought with me from this wonderfully set up "lesson" is to learn to be still, listen, and let God whisper to you how much he loves you and how much more he wants to spend time with you. I can not wait for more of these. You truly have a wonderful calling and I thank you and our Most Holy Father for this opportunity. God Bless you and Love in Christ. Gratefully yours, Cheryl





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