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Catholic thoughts are just another way of saying Catholic reflections or meditations or what-have-you.

I have always been a fan of the little bits and pieces, the little morsels, of thoughts and ideas and inspirations.

I receive a daily email of some of my favorite blogs as well as reflections and quotes from Saints and great Catholic and Christian writers.

I love to have a thought or two to ponder every day. It adds to my prayer life. It adds to my inner life, my inner journey.

I am such a big fan of these kinds of thoughts and for a couple of years I have published a monthly email newsletter called Prayerful Morsels and a weekly email newsletter called Catholic Corner.

I figure I should share my love for the tiny morsels.

So here I am sharing some more. If you get my emails, you may wish to read over some of the Catholic thoughts again.

Or maybe you don’t want to get my emails but you would like to visit here. Consider it a kind of archive if you will. I will add more pretty often. Just read below and when this list gets too long, I will add another page!

I hope you enjoy. God bless!


Listen carefully, my child, to my instructions, and attend to them with the ear of your heart. - St. Benedict

This is the very first sentence of the Rule of St. Benedict. I love this expression. He not only tells us to listen. But he tells us to listen with the "ear of our hearts."

In other words, we do not just listen with our intellect. We also need to listen with our feelings and our imagination. We need to remember our love for God and His love for us.

We need to stop throughout the day. Stop. Listen. Be aware. Stay awake. And then, we will be able to ...

"See how God's love shows us the way of life." - St. Benedict


Silence. I crave silence.

If I do not get enough silence, I cannot write, I cannot pray, I cannot think. And I get grumpy.

Silence allows us to listen to God. Silence allows us to hear His voice instead of hearing our own voices. Silence allows us to hear God in the rest of the day, in the midst of the noise, in the midst of our daily activities.

We can observe silence while folding the laundry, while waiting in line, while taking a coffee break alone.

No matter how you pray, even if your prayer is one of lots of words, everyone needs some time of silence every day, even if it is just for 10 minutes.

Try it. You may be surprised. 

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