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Welcome to our Catholic Retreats page!

Have you ever felt a desire to get away on a Catholic retreat? Have you ever felt that need to spend a few days alone with Jesus, in silence, and pray?

However, it is not always possible to get that time. There are other commitments – to our families, our jobs, our ministries. And often we just do not have the money.

Still, it is important for us to take some extended alone time with God. Sometimes we just need to get creative.

1. Take a retreat day, or even half a day, at home. Find a place in or outside of the house to take some time in silence, for reading and prayer and meditation.

2. Attend Days of Reflection or parish missions at your church or neighboring church and journal after each session. Our parish even offers babysitting for these missions.

3. Take an online retreat.

The great thing about online retreats is you can set your own time to do them. You can set the schedule that works best for you. You can work on it a little every day or one day every week. You decide.

We now have three available online retreats for you. Keep an eye on this page as more retreats will be coming your way!

God is Near

The Cross

Let Go and Let God

Click on link to Online Retreats (below) to sign up for one or more of these inspiring retreats.

Online Retreats


Check out our new series on prayer called Bringing Our Hearts into Prayer. I am calling it a "prayer ecourse." Sort of between a retreat and a course on prayer. Comes in 4 email installments.

Prayer Ecourse


"I am enjoying the retreat, good reflection and also preparing myself for a silent retreat in October and since I have never been on a silent retreat this is giving me the tools to prepare. I have been reading this to my Bible study group (6) of us and they are enjoying it also." - Joanne

"I loved it and could not wait to get up in the morning to read the retreat for that day. It was awesome and just what I needed to remind me that God is near. I thought of the retreat message often during the day. Thank you." - Ann

I have felt such peace during and after reading all five days of the Retreat. I feel that my spirit has been nourished by reading and absorbing what I can learn to be capable of regarding my prayer life with Christ. Thank you for your time and effort in bringing the miracle of God's love to those of us who hunger for His presence in our daily lives. - Julia

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Testimonials about Online Retreat

Loved being on retreat with you this past week! You certainly have a gift and are filled with the Holy Spirit. I'm still pondering all the questions but just can't journal them right now.
Let me know when you schedule another on-line retreat. I would love to take part in it. - Deacon John

"I've been in a bit of a spiritual slump lately & found your retreat to be inspiring. I wouldn't change a thing about it. The reflections, quotes, thought-provoking questions, & exercises were well written & very helpful to me.
One of the things I love about your writing is how you give new insight to stories & ideas that I've heard many times before. The quotes & biblical readings you've added really help emphasize God's presence in our lives.
Thank you for preparing this Online Retreat. I look forward to future retreats of yours." - Maria

"Thank you so much for this wonderful retreat! I have been left with some very powerful thoughts to ponder..."God comes to me disguised as my own life"..."What I seek is always there"...and "He is in the storm", etc.
God led me to this retreat to remind me of these things. Thank you for allowing yourself to be used as His vessel of love." - Judy

"I found it very meaningful in the silence of my contemplation. May there be more to come..." - Gordon

Thank you so much, it made me stop to pray.  I do not pray as much as I should.  So now I am trying to stop and pray when it pops into my head.  Even if it is only a short prayer. At least I am praying.  I am having financial difficulties and will have to move.  This retreat helped me to slow down my mind and pray. It did relieved some of the stress.  Thank You. - Marianne

The first lot of Online Retreat (1-5) were the best. I really liked them. They've really inspired me most. Please send me some more in the near future for I will be on the look out for them. God bless you richly for the wonderful work you're doing for the God's people around the world. - Mr. G. Ume

I like the online retreats, it makes me think of what must I do to make my christian life more meaningful and make me strive to be more closer to God. - Lia

I just finished your 5 Day retreat. It was awesome for me. I enjoyed day 4 the most. I have forwarded it on to my oldest daughter to read so that we can discuss it. Love all your quotes. - Joan

Thank you for this retreat. It was insightful and inspiring. Keep up the good work. - Sandra

I recommend everyone to take time to read this retreat. It has helped me in more ways than one to get in touch with God, and to keep the faith. Thank you. - Nellie

For me, this was a helping me to find God and talk to him on a daily basis....thank you - Kate