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Find Catholic inspiration here. Colleen’s Catholic Corner was a weekly email that I began in 2011. It included reflections to inspire the readers' prayer life and feed their longing for a closer relationship with God.

Sometimes our prayer life is dry and we are just looking for a little inspiration. Catholic spirituality gives us so many resources to help us to grow.

*A word here and there.

*A thought for the day.

*A scripture passage that touches our hearts.

*A funny or inspirational story or a beautiful picture.

*Reflections on prayer and the spiritual life.

What we hope to find, from time to time, is a snippet of a reflection that moves our hearts or makes us think.

So that was why I created the weekly email called Colleen’s Catholic Corner. This was one of those tools that can help us experience God and grow in our Catholic prayer life.

Now the time has come to end the weekly emails. But I wanted to keep some of them here in a kind of archive for all to read who enjoy reading Catholic reflections at least half as much as I do!

Below is one of the reflections.

To see some more samples, click on link below for Catholic Thoughts!

I will be adding more to the list! God bless!

"Let us throw ourselves into the ocean of God's goodness, where every failing will be canceled and anxiety turned into love." - St. Paul of the Cross

When I first read this quote, I remembered a time when I was on a private retreat. I had gone swimming in the convent's pool. I remember reflecting that, no matter where I was, I was close to God's heart, swimming in His love. God's goodness is like an ocean. It goes on and on forever, in all directions. We can trust and jump into His love, and experience His never-ending love and mercy, or we can just put our big toe in, fearful of what we will find.

Dear Lord, thank you for your ocean of love and mercy. Help me to trust more in you, and to float with your currents, O Lord. Help me to let go of fear and anxiety, and jump right into your Love. Amen.

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