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Hungry for God? Looking for inspiration? Be sure to read these Daily Reflections.

Much like a devotional, these short meditations and Catholic reflections are based on each day's scripture readings or the Saint of the day.

Scripture reflections help us in our prayer life. They help us to listen to God's Word and to better understand the readings.

Taking a moment in peace and quiet, dedicating the moment to God, reflecting on the readings of the day - all can bring us to a more intimate relationship with God.

So take some time to just BE with the Lord.

Enjoy these daily reflections!

Daily Reflections

November 22, 2015
Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

"Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my voice."- John 18:37

I wonder, with some of the issues in our country today - abortion, health care, freedom of religion - who is listening to Jesus' voice? Who knows that He is king? Who knows that Jesus is the Answer?
Everyone who belongs to the truth listens. But don't we all think we belong to the truth? Don't we all think we have the answers?
Maybe we are listening to our own voice, our own thoughts, our own ego. Other voices can drown out Jesus' voice if we let them. How can we tell the difference?
We need to spend time listening. We need to spend time in prayer so we can recognize the Lord's voice. We need to study the Word of God and listen so we know our Lord's voice when we hear it.
Otherwise, how do we know we belong to the truth?

Lord, I pray with all my heart, that it is Your voice I hear. Your voice that I listen to. I pray that no other voices drown out Your voice. For I want to belong to the truth, I want to belong to You. Help me Lord to listen and to know You when I hear You. Amen.

Mon., November 23, 2015

Daniel 1:1-6, 8-20; Luke 21:1-4

The widow gave all that she had. What gift from the heart can I offer Jesus today?

Help me, Lord Jesus, to learn what you want me to surrender to you. Grant me the courage to offer to you all that I am and all that I will ever be. For it is only through you that I gain anything in this life.

Tues., November 24, 2015

Daniel 2:31-45; Luke 21:5-11

Jesus reminds us to be on the guard for false prophets. What signs in my life show that Jesus is truly present?

Lord, help me to better reflect your presence in my life. Show me where I am weak in revealing your presence and grant me the strength to improve that weakness. Always allow my life to show your presence within it.

Wed., November 25, 2015

Daniel 5:1-6, 13-14, 16-17, 23-28; Luke 21:12-19

Jesus warns that following him may bring difficulties into our lives. Does my life truly reflect that I am a follower of Jesus? Am I willing to experience hardships due to my beliefs?

Lord, it is my fondest hope that my life does reflect my love of you. Help me to always live a life that shows your presence. Grant me the strength to endure any and all hardships that may come because of my belief in you.

Thurs., November 26, 2015
Thanksgiving Day

Sirach 50:22-24; 1 Corinthians 1:3-9; Luke 17:11-19

Only one of the lepers shows his gratitude to Jesus. Do I always show Jesus that I am grateful for his many blessings?

Lord, you have given me so much. I hope that I have always been grateful for your blessings. Help me to never take your gifts for granted, but to always show an attitude of gratitude.

Fri., November 27, 2015

Daniel 7:2-14; Luke 21:29-33

Jesus uses nature to reveal God’s presence in this world. How do I see God as present in nature?

Lord, give me a greater appreciation of your creation. Allow me to see you present in all my surroundings. Grant me the insight to understand your presence and to see you in all things.

Sat., November 28, 2015

Daniel 7:15-27; Luke 21:34-36

We need to be vigilant and pray as we await Jesus’s coming. How do I prepare for the coming of Jesus?

Lord, help me to better prepare for your coming. Do not allow me to be caught by surprise. Keep me safe from sin always so that at your coming I may be acceptable to you.

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