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Much like a devotional, these short meditations and Catholic reflections are based on each day's scripture readings or the Saint of the day.

Scripture reflections help us in our prayer life. They help us to listen to God's Word and to better understand the readings.

Taking a moment in peace and quiet, dedicating the moment to God, reflecting on the readings of the day - all can bring us to a more intimate relationship with God.

So take some time to just BE with the Lord.

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Daily Reflections

April 26, 2015
Fourth Sunday of Easter

"I am the good shepherd, and I know mine and mine know me, just as the Father knows me and I know the Father; and I will lay down my life for the sheep. I have other sheep - that do not belong to this fold. These also I must lead, and they will hear my voice, and there will be one flock, one shepherd." - Jn 10:14-16

Do I hear his voice? Do I hear Him speak my name? Do I know him? Do I recognize Jesus when he speaks to me?
Do I sometimes mistake other voices for Jesus? How am I to know Jesus' voice?
I think of Mary Magdalene when she discovered the empty tomb. She did not recognize Jesus until He called her by name.
Do I recognize Jesus when he calls me by name?
Sometimes we recognize Jesus' voice through others' words.
Sometimes we recognize Jesus in the silence of our hearts. Or in another person. Or in nature. Or in scripture.
But in order to recognize Jesus, we need to listen. We need to be still and listen and pay attention to the world and people around us.
We need to spend time with Jesus. The more time we spend with him, the more we know him. We come to know him in prayer. We come to know him in the breaking of the bread.
And the good news is, that even when we do not know him, Jesus knows us.
We are His.

Jesus, thank you for being my shepherd. Thank you for calling me until I finally hear your voice. Help me to know your voice. May I always follow you. May I always know you. Amen.

Monday, April 27

Acts 11:1-18; John 10:1-10

Jesus tells us that he has come to bring us abundant life. How do I feel the presence of this life in my world?

Lord, your presence in my world is obvious to me. There are so many ways that I feel your presence. Help me to never lose the knowledge of your eternal presence. Abide in me. Never let me turn my back on you.

Tuesday, April 28
St. Peter Mary Chanel and St. Louis Grignion de Montfort

Acts 11:19-26; John 10:22-30

What can I do today grow closer to Jesus? Am I confident in his love for me?

Lord, I wish to constantly grow closer to you. Help me to understand what I must do to accomplish this. The closer I get to you the more I feel your presence in my life. Sin is the only thing that can separate us. Help me to sin no more in my life.

Wednesday, April 29
St. Catherine of Siena

Acts 12:24-13:5a; John 12:44-50

Jesus is the light of my life. What areas of my life need Jesus' light?

Lord, I know there are many dark corners in my life where I need your light. Help me to understand what I must do to let your light shine greater in my life. Grant me the wisdom to see those dark areas and the strength to do what must be done to allow your light to enter.

Thursday, April 30

Acts 13:13-25; John 13:16-20

Do I recognize Jesus in the messengers he sends me?

Lord, you are constantly sending messengers into my life to help me better understand you. Help me to see these messengers more clearly and to have a more welcoming attitude toward them. By accepting those you send into my life I am accepting you into my life.

Friday, May 1
St. Joseph the Worker

Acts 13:26-33; John 14:1-6

What gets in my way in following Jesus?

Lord, I know it is only through you that I will receive my eternal reward. Help me to eliminate all those things that get in between us. Help me to identify your way and to follow it all my days.

Saturday, May 2
St. Athanasius

Acts 13:44-52; John 14:7-14

Jesus tells us that whatever we ask in his name will be granted. Do I have the faith to believe this statement?

Lord, this is a hard statement to believe. I have asked and not received. Help me to understand that you will never grant something that may endanger me in the future. Grant me the wisdom to accept your's as the final decision.

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