Hungry for God? Catholic Prayer Life Provides Nourishment for the Soul

Catholic Prayer Life is for all who wish to grow in intimacy with God. The hunger we feel for God is an invitation to have a closer, more personal relationship with Him.

When I first converted, I was so hungry for knowledge about my Church. I went to classes, I read everything I could get my hands on. I even took a correspondence course about my newfound faith.

But soon, I needed more. Theology fed my brain, but I needed nourishment for my soul. I desired a personal relationship with God.

St. Augustine said that “Our hearts are restless until they rest in God.”

In order to have that personal relationship with God, we need to spend more time with Him in prayer. Just like with a friend, if we do not spend time with God, then we cannot possibly get to know Him very well.

Besides a list of basic prayers such as the Rosary, this website shares with you other tools and resources to assist you on your spiritual journey, including lenten devotions, daily meditations and gospel reflections, retreats and Christian articles.

We hope to inspire and encourage you as you grow in your relationship with the Lord. So how about it?

Get a life! A Catholic Prayer Life!

"Attention should be paid to the various types of websites, applications and social networks which can help people today to find time for reflection and authentic questioning, as well as making space for silence and occasions for prayer, meditation or sharing of the word of God." - Pope Benedict 2/24/12

Catholic Spirituality leads us to a deeper prayer life and intimacy with God.
Looking for tools to help you grow in your Catholic Spirituality? Needing resources to help feed your hunger for God? There is something here that will help you to grow in your faith.
Daily Inspiration for Your Journey to God
Looking for Daily Inspiration? These pages will bring you daily reflections and other resources that will help you with your prayer life.
Daily Reflections On Scripture Readings That Will Nourish Your Soul
Short daily reflections have been posted for this week. Read these daily Catholic reflections on scripture readings, much like a devotional.
Weekly Catholic Inspiration and Reflections
Catholic inspiration can be found in the weekly issues of Colleen's Catholic Corner. Sign up for these free inspirational emails.
Catholic Retreats Online
Catholic Retreats offers the experience of a an online retreat in the comfort of your own home. Receive Catholic reflections in your email that will help you grow in your prayer life.
Roman Catholic Saints
Some favorite Roman Catholic Saints, their stories and prayers
Scripture Questions for Reflecting on Sunday's Gospels
Scripture Questions have been posted for this week. Used alone or in small groups, they are a great resource to help you reflect on the Mass readings.
Scripture Reflections
Looking for scripture reflections and passages to read and reflections to ponder? Delivered to your email or by text. Be inspired.
Some Words on Spiritual Direction
Learn about Spiritual Direction and how it can help deepen your Catholic spirituality.
My Catholic Blog
A Catholic blog for inspiration and fun
Conversion Stories
Conversion stories are always inspiring. They often lead us to look at our own stories of faith. Read Colleen's story here and share your own!
Audio Lectio Divina
Audio Lectio Divina offers a guide to praying with scripture. The Sunday gospel reading will be available here as well as other scripture readings for you to choose.
Enjoy Some Audio Reflections on Catholic Prayer and Spirituality
Listen and/or download some audio reflections about Catholic spirituality. These meditations will inspire and inform you and add to your prayer life.
Catholic Audio Books
Catholic audio books provide a wonderful way to learn, to pray and to be inspired. Download these mp3 audio books and podcasts and more.
Catholic Podcasts
Catholic podcasts that tell stories of finding God in everyday life.
Catholic Prayers to Enrich Your Life of Faith
Catholic Prayers to help you on your spiritual journey to God.
Lectio Divina
Lectio Divina is a way of praying the scriptures. Silence and meditation are keys to this prayer. This method of prayer can be done alone or in a group.
List of Catholic Devotions
Catholic Devotions to help you grow in your prayer life
Eucharistic Adoration
Eucharistic Adoration is the worship of the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. Read and learn more about this devotion to the Blessed Sacrament.
Catholic Novenas
Novenas can enrich our prayer life. Learn more about them here.
Marian Prayers
Some Marian Prayers to Nourish our Catholic Prayer Life
Praying the Rosary
Praying the rosary is a beautiful way to pray and easy to learn
Prayer Requests
Leave your Prayer Requests here. All who visit can pray for you and your intentions. Be sure to pray for others as well.
Prayer Ecourse
Prayer ecourses are here to reflect on and inspire. Treat it like a retreat, or just enjoy the reflections.
Pray Without Ceasing
Here is a list of Ten Ways to Pray without Ceasing. Follow one of these ideas or add a prayer idea of your own.
Catholic Calendar
Catholic Calendar is a place where you can find prayers, reflections and resources to celebrate each liturgical season.
Advent Season
Find resources for the Advent Season. Enjoy advent reflections. Learn some advent devotions and prayers.
Advent Calendar
Here is an Advent Calendar with scripture and advent devotions to add to your prayer life this advent season.
Lent is a 40 day liturgical season. Prayer, fasting and almsgiving are the three important elements of this time on the Catholic calendar.
A Gratitude Journal
A Gratitude Journal helps us to remember our blessings, Share your prayers of thanksgiving with us.
Subscribe to Prayerful Morsels Ezine
Signup page for Prayerful Morsels - a FREE monthly ezine
A Personal Retreat Journal
A retreat journal becomes an ebook! First Things First is my journal of a silent retreat. It is a simple Catholic ebook that will inspire and inform you.
A Catholic eBook To Inspire and Nourish Your Soul
A Catholic ebook with inspirational Christian stories about finding God in our everyday lives
Free eBook
Get a FREE eBook here! It is called A Lenten Journal and is a great addition to your lenten reading!
ABC's Retreat Reflections
A Retreat Reflections Ebook - read the ABC reflections in this ebook about being alone with God on a Catholic retreat.
Catholic Articles
Catholic articles listed here for your enjoyment and inspiration. New ones will be added from time to time.
A Memoir of God's Healing Love
Colleen's memoir is the story of how God has helped her heal from child sexual abuse. Read this inspirational book about her healing journey.
Online Work from Home
Online work from home is a great way to be able to do work at home and be independent. Find out how and what resources are available to help you.
Catholic Prayer Life Blog
Catholic Prayer Life Blog keeps you informed of any changes or additions to catholic-prayer-life website. Subscribe here.
Privacy and Disclosure Policy
Privacy and Disclosure policy for all to read
Contact Us
Use this form when you wish to contact us to ask a question or make a comment.
About Me
Information about Colleen, owner of Catholic Prayer Life
Catholic Thoughts
This page of Catholic thoughts contains little snippets of reflections, inspirations, quotes and ideas. Visit my little Catholc Corner!

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